Source Insight – version 4.0.0136

Source Insight

Version 4.0.0136 - March 14, 2024

New: Flat shading UI option that gives the UI a more modern look. To enable it, select Options > Preferences > Display and enable "Use flat shading on UI elements".

New: You can change the font used for panel titles. To select the font, select Options > Preferences > Colors & Fonts, then click the button "Panel Title Font...".

New: You can change the colors and font used for popup source tips. To change, select Options > Preferences > Colors & Fonts, then click the button "Source Tip Font and Colors...". This setting is also saved with each visual theme.

New: The standard visual themes were updated. You can also quickly redefine a theme by holding down CTRL and selecting Options > Visual Theme > (selected theme).

Fix: C/C++ #include <relative-path> : Using Jump to Definition on the include file was not working when the file path is relative to an imported library directory and the angle bracket syntax is used.

Fix: C/C++ enum constants used in curly-braced initializations were not found by Lookup/Jump to References.

Fix: C/C++ token macro expansion was not working when the expansion was a struct or class definition on a single line.

Fix: Overview scroller would sometimes not respond to the mouse hovering over it, and could sometimes not respond to mouse clicks.

Fix: Crash could happen when typing into Project Symbols or Files panels. The crash depended on the contents of the project.

Fix: Inside Edit Condition, if you used the Edit List feature, or the Scan Files feature, then cancelled the dialog, the changes were not discarded.

Fix: Miscellaneous stability fixes and small feature changes.