Source Insight Downloads

This is the place to download the latest Source Insight updates, as well as sample macros, and custom language plug-ins.

Free point-releases are made from time to time to fix bugs and add features. In order to use the updates, you must have a valid Source Insight serial number, or run it in Trial mode.

The updates contain a full installation of Source Insight. They are not patch files, so you do not need to have Source Insight installed on your machine already.

Source Insight 4 - Latest Version

Version 4.0.0134 - December 10, 2023

This requires a valid version 4.x license, OR you can run this in Trial mode for up to 30 days.

Fix: Source Insight would crash if it was blocked by a firewall or proxy. This bug was introduced in build 4.0.0133. If you selected Help > Check for Updates it would crash. It might also crash after a period of time if it tried to connect to the update server in the background.

Changes in Previous 4.0.0133

New: The Relation Window now has Go-Back and Go-Forward buttons in the toolbar, which cycle through the history of items shown as the "root" of the Relation Window.

New: Relation Window: You can delete nodes from the relation tree. To remove a node from the display, select the node and right-click and select "Delete Node". This works in both the outline and graphical views. Note that recalculating the Relation window, or re-expanding the node will recreate the deleted nodes.

Change: Jump To Caller command now limits the results to references to the currently selected function that are actual function calls from other functions, not just references by name.

New: Jump To References command works like Jump To Caller, except it shows all references in a similar pop-up window. The default shortcut is CTRL+ALT+L. You can also invoke it from the right-click context menu or the popup toolbar.

Fix: Key combinations using the "Windows" key (which normally opens the Windows Start menu) was inserting bogus characters.

Fix: Comment Lines (and Toggle Comment Lines) could crash depending on how lines were selected before using the command.

Fix: Context Window Go-Back and Go-Forward buttons were not acting consistently, and the Context window title did not update to show the current symbol or file.

Fix: File Compare Window Options dialog: The Show Overview and Show Difference List options were reversed.

Source Insight 3.5 - Latest Version

Version 3.5.0086 - October 17, 2019

This requires a valid version 3.x license.

Version 3.50.0086 - October 17, 2019

Small changes to dialog font handling, and edit text control for compatibility. 

Updated code signing certificate.

Version 3.50.0083 - June 7, 2016

Fix: Macro functions GetSymbolLocation and GetSymbolLocationEx were failing to find project files when the given symbol parameter was the name of a file.

Version 3.50.0082 - March 11, 2016

Fix: Display bugs fixed for Windows 10, high DPI displays, and using Windows magnification greater than 100%. In particular, resizing or moving docked windows did not draw correctly in those situations.

Fix: C/C++ #include statements: The Jump To Definition command would not open the file in the include statement if the file was in a subdirectory. For example: #include "subdirheader.h". Now the path in the include statement is evaluated relative to the project source root directory.

Fix: Relation window was not showing function call trees correctly for Visual Basic and Basic.

Fix: Replace command: the "Whole File" option setting is now preserved after pressing the Replace button.

Download Custom Language Files

Custom Language files add syntax formatting and some parsing support to Source Insight for languages that are not built-in.

This is a directory of custom language files which you can download and import into Source Insight.

Download Sample Macro Files

This is a directory of macro files which you can download and add to your projects.