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Source Insight 4 - Latest Version

Version 4.0.0098 - June 24, 2019

This requires a valid version 4.x license, OR you can run this in Trial mode for up to 30 days.

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Fix: Project Settings: The "..." button used to browse for a folder was not saving the selection.

The following fixes were published previously in version 4.0.0097:

Fix: C++ was not correctly identifying classes, structs, and namespace with full qualified names using the :: operator. For example, namespace Foo::Bar { ... }

Fix: C/C++: nested inlined struct declarations were not working. For example: struct X { struct Inlined; };

Fix: C++: *.cc files are now included in the C++ File type by default.

Fix: C/C++: Using extern "C" { ... } nested withing another scope, such as a namespace, was not parsed correctly.

Fix: C++: Was not parsing function try blocks correctly. That is, when the try block encloses the whole function body. For example: Foo::Foo () try : bar(1) {...} catch( const SomeException &e ) {...}

Fix: C/C++/C#: enum declarations created duplicate enum values in the symbol pane at the left side of the window.

Fix: C++ alignas() directive was not being parsed correctly.

Fix: Java: lambda expressions were not getting parsed correctly.

Fix: XML: An single double quote inside a CDATA section caused the file to not parse. 

Fix: Python: Assigning multiple variables in one statement was not initializing variable definitions so the variables were not recognized.

Fix: Snippets: Inserting a snippet would not auto-indent it if the "Enable text variables when inserting" option was not enabled in the snippet.

Fix: Relation Window could on occasion cause the UI to pause while typing in a source file window, or in the Project Symbol List 
panel, or in the auto-completion list.

Fix: Removing a Project left behind two index data files. All other data files were correctly deleted.

Fix: You might get a series of message boxes that you cannot avoid about not being able to open a file while Source Insight is idle. This would happen if you have the option enabled to highlight references to the selected symbol (found in File Type Options), and you moved a source file to a new directory without synchronizing your project.

Fix: Folder Browser dialogs (such as used in Project Settings to select the project source directory) were not selecting the correct folder in the tree when it opened.

Fix: If you are using an offline license file provided by Source Dynamics, and the license does not contain a user name, then the Help > About Source Insight window would incorrectly state that the license is not activated. 

Fix: Ctrl+A to "select all" in various lists was not working.

Fix: Project Folder panel: The Search Files command on the right-click menu was not working if you selected a directory in the directory list.

Change: The code signing certificate has been updated.