Source Insight – version 4.0.0133

Source Insight

Version 4.0.0133 - December 7, 2023

New: The Relation Window now has Go-Back and Go-Forward buttons in the toolbar, which cycle through the history of items shown as the "root" of the Relation Window.

New: Relation Window: You can delete nodes from the relation tree. To remove a node from the display, select the node and right-click and select "Delete Node". This works in both the outline and graphical views. Note that recalculating the Relation window, or re-expanding the node will recreate the deleted nodes.

Change: Jump To Caller command now limits the results to references to the currently selected function that are actual function calls from other functions, not just references by name.

New: Jump To References command works like Jump To Caller, except it shows all references in a similar pop-up window. The default shortcut is CTRL+SHIFT+L. You can also invoke it from the right-click context menu or the popup toolbar.

Fix: Key combinations using the "Windows" key (which normally opens the Windows Start menu) was inserting bogus characters.

Fix: Comment Lines (and Toggle Comment Lines) could crash depending on how lines were selected before using the command.

Fix: Context Window Go-Back and Go-Forward buttons were not acting consistently, and the Context window title did not update to show the current symbol or file.

Fix: File Compare Window Options dialog: The Show Overview and Show Difference List options were reversed.