Source Insight – version 4.0.0128

Source Insight

Version 4.0.0128 - April 28, 2023

Fix: The Lookup References window would not appear if the input cursor was on an blank line.

Fix: Special Edit > Upper/Lower/Toggle Case could occasionally crash.

Fix: When showing visible end-of-line marks, and using the Highlight-References feature, some end-of-line marks would rarely appear incorrectly with the "highlight reference" style formatting.

Fix: C++: Was not detecting function trailing return types.

Fix: Parse cache files were being bypassed in some situations during project-opening, resulting in slower performance.

Fix: The Ditto clipboard app was not working with Source Insight.

Fix: Misc. fixes to how some panels open and close when you activate them with a keyboard command.

Change: Toolbar buttons now activate various panels and move the input focus to the panel instead of just toggling them on and off.

Change: When a file is loaded with mixed end-of-line characters, you are prompted to fix it. Now there is a check box in the prompt to enable this automatic prompt or not. You can also set this prompt option in Options > Preferences > FilesAsk to fix inconsistent line endings.

Change: The bottom status bar now shows the current file's end-of-line character format in the lower right. You can double click or right-click on it to open the Normalize End Of Line command.

New: Reset Toolbar Layout (on View > Toolbars menu) resets the main toolbar layout to the default layout.

New: File Compare window: You can right-click on the left or right file and select Copy All Differences to Left or Copy All Differences to Right to copy all text differences to either left or right, making both files the same. This leaves change marks by each change in the main file window. This is undo-able.