Source Insight – version 4.0.0125

Source Insight

Version 4.0.0125 - November 22, 2022

Fix: C# expression-bodied member functions were not recognized.

Fix: C/C++ Preprocessor conditional values using hex numbers were not working: eg: #if ABC < 0x100

Fix: C++ and C#: various parser fixes.

Fix: Some symbol lookups were not working.

Fix: Limit recursive symbol lookups for symbols that have direct or indirect recursive definitions.

Fix: Crash when adding a large number of Edit Condition symbols to a project.

Fix: Performance improvement when a project contains a large number of conditional values set by Edit Condition.

Fix: Better error handling for exceeding limits with large projects.

Fix: In the Context window and the File Compare window, the overview would not close if you right-click on it and select 'Hide'.

Fix: Pasting text now ensures the resulting new lines are scrolled into view.

Change: The Context window now shows the definitions of symbols selected in the File Compare window.

Change: The Relation window now shows results of symbols selected in the File Compare window.

Change: Performance improvement synchronizing projects by avoiding unnecessary project data writes.

Changes Minor changes to some toolbar buttons to work better on dark backgrounds.

Change: Source Insight Macro Language: The == and != operators now compare numbers differently. If both operands are numeric decimal or hex, then they are compared as numbers instead of as strings. The relational operators, such as <, <=, >, and >= already do this.