Source Insight – version 4.0.0112

Source Insight

Version 4.0.0112 - April 10, 2020

Change: Improved memory management for project database files. This results in faster display and symbol lookup speed when using multiple import projects, and less memory requirements to support large projects. If you notice any large changes, please give us feedback. There are some parameters that can be adjusted in the field.

Change: You can resize the following dialog windows, and the positions are remembered between sessions:
- Add and Remove Project Files - to see longer path names or more files in the lists.
- Symbol Info
- Multiple Definitions (appears when you Jump to Definition and more than one symbol matches).
- Manage Visual Themes
- Import External Symbols
- Compare with Backup File
- Open Backup File
- Conditional Parsing List

Change: Improved the long-file-path display trimming by showing more of the path if possible. This option is set in Options > Preferences > Display > "Trim long path names with ellipses".

Change: Improved mouse text selection responsiveness over slow remote desktop connections.

Fix: In some cases, Source Insight would hang or keep the system clipboard busy (locked). This bug was unfortunately introduced in release 4.0.0107.

Fix: PHP: Correctly parses Return Type Declarations: Eg: function foo () : string { .... }

Fix: The message "An Update is Available" would keep popping up even after dismissing if you were in certain time zones.

Fix: Very rare, but double-clicking the mouse on a list item (such as in Project > Open Project) could cause a crash.