Freezing when Typing into Text Boxes

Symptom: Typing into a text box field, such as in the New Project dialog or the Search dialog, causes Source Insight to freeze.

This problem may be caused by a known system issue where typing characters may freeze on Windows with non-English as preferred input languages. This is due to a bug in the Windows IME.

Here are some external articles with workarounds:

Workaround Steps

To work around this issue in the short term, either manually switch the input mode when typing, or by following the steps below to enable compatibility mode:

  1. Select Windows Start, type "Settings" and select it or press enter.
  2. Type "Language" into the search box within Settings and select "Edit Language and Keyboard Options"
  3. Select the language, for example: Traditional Chinese, then click the Options button.
  4. Under Keyboards, select the Input method editor, then the Options button. Click General.
  5. In the Compatibility section, turn on Use previous version of Microsoft IME.

Note: The steps above may change with different versions of Windows. The important thing is to get to the Input Method Editor for your current language and enable the option Use previous version of <language> IME.