Files are Read-Only

Symptom: Files you open in Source files are read-only.

In Source Insight, a file is read-only in the following cases:

  1. The file is part of a read-only project.
  2. The file is stored in a Backup folder.
  3. Windows reports that the file has the read-only attribute.
  4. The file is part of an "import" project created by selecting Project > Import External Symbols (for example, C/C++ standard header files).
  5. The file is part of a project that is also open in another running Source Insight instance.

Try this: select Project > Close Project. Then open the file and see if it is read-only. Note the file name is displayed with a ! mark if the file is read-only. If the file becomes read/write, then the project must be read-only.

In Source Insight, any file that is part of a read-only project is shown as read-only. A project is read-only if the project data file that ends in the .siproj extension is read-only. For example, if your project is named ABC, then locate the file "Documents\Source Insight 4.0\Projects\ABC\ABC.siproj" and check if it is marked read-only in Windows Explorer.

A project is also read-only if it is open in another running instance of Source Insight. Run Windows Task Manager and make sure there isn't another instance of Source Insight running.

Also, files that are stored in a Source Insight Backup folder are read-only. For example: if your project is called ABC, then the backup folder is "Documents\Source Insight 4.0\Projects\ABC\Backup". Source Insight treats those files as read-only.

Otherwise, if the file is read-only in Source Insight, then Windows must be reporting to Source Insight that the file has the read-only attribute for some reason. Please check if there is a problem with drive mounting, or the user access in Windows.