The Big Picture

Feature Highlights

Technical Support

Setup and Quick Start

Installing Source Insight

Window Tour

Source Insight Application Window


Source File Windows

Symbol Windows

Floating Windows

Project Window

Context Window

Relation Window

Clip Window

Search Results Window

Source Insight Concepts


Working in a Team Environment

Understanding Symbols and Projects

Programming Languages

C/C++ Language Features

Document Types

Typing Symbol Names with Syllable Indexing

Analysis Features

Syntax Formatting and Styles

Searching and Replacing Text

Regular Expressions


Navigation with the Selection History

Navigation Using Source Links

Scrolling and Selecting Text

File Buffer Basics

Recovering From Crashes

Command Line Syntax

User-Level Commands

Custom Commands

Customizing Source Insight

Saving Configurations

Saving and Restoring Workspaces

Performance Tuning

Files Created by Source Insight

Command Reference

Macro Language Guide

Macro Language Overview


Special Constants


Conditions and Loops: if-else and while

Naming Conventions

Standard Record Structures

Internal Macro Functions

String Functions

User Input and Output Functions

Buffer List Functions

File Buffer Functions

Environment and Process Functions

Window List Functions

Window Functions

Bookmark Functions

Symbol List Functions

Symbol Functions

Searching Functions

Project Functions

Miscellaneous Macro Functions

Other Information about Macros

Event Handlers

Macro Event Handlers

Macro Event Handlers

Event Handler Uses

Adding Event Handlers to Source Insight

Application Events

Document Events

Project Events

Statusbar Events

Appendix: Upgrading From Older Versions

Upgrading from Version 3.1 or Version 3.0

Upgrading from Version 2

What's New in Version 3

New Commands

License Agreement