Recovering From Crashes

Periodically, your unsaved edits are saved in a temporary recovery file. This saving process is very fast and you will usually not notice that anything is being done. You will not be interrupted.

The recovery file actually only contains pointers to other files. Therefore, it is small and fast to write out. By saving edits incrementally to the recovery file, Source Insight insures you against a system failure, power outage, or crashes. Source Insight will recognize when a recovery needs to be done the next time you run it.

The Preferences: General command allows you to set how often the recovery file is synchronized. You can specify this recovery time in seconds. The default value is every 15 seconds. If you make the recovery time smaller, the recovery file is updated more often. If you make it larger, the recovery file is updated less often. If you make it too long, you will be able to do many changes to your files without the changes being recorded in the recovery file. You should the keep the period as short as possible. However, the more frequently the recovery file is updated, the slower Source Insight’s performance becomes. However, on fast machines, it is not noticeable, so you might as well make it very short (e.g. 5 sec).

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