Recovery Procedure

If you have been editing and a crash occurred before you could save your files, then simply run Source Insight again. Source Insight will know that there were outstanding changes to your files because it will find orphaned recovery files. A dialog box will come up and indicate that a previous session with Source Insight did not end normally. At that point, you have three options.

Click the Recover button. Source Insight will proceed to recover all files previously opened. After recovery, your session should look the same as it was the last time the recovery file was synchronized. All unsaved edits should still be present.


Click the Continue button. Source Insight will continue to start as though no recovery were done. You will not be able to recover after continuing.


Click the Quit button. Source Insight will quit immediately without attempting recovery. If you run Source Insight again, it will still be able to do the recovery if you want to.

When a recovery is performed, Source Insight will resume as though you were in the middle of an editing session. All the previously opened files will still be open and any edits you made will still be there. After the recovery, you can continue to edit normally, or you can quit and save each file that had changes.