Source Insight’s recovery system is very good, however, no recovery system can be foolproof. There are always windows of vulnerability. If a recovery is needed, it is probably due to unusual circumstances, such as a hardware failure, a power failure, a bug in a program that you spawned from Source Insight, or a bug in Source Insight. Whatever the reason, it is still a good idea for you to scroll through each recovered file to see that everything looks intact before you actually go ahead and save the files. If Source Insight’s recovery file was damaged or not written entirely, or the failure occurred while the recovery file was being updated, then Source Insight may unwittingly trash your file while it thought it was recovering it. If you find that the recovery didn’t work correctly, do not save the file. Close the file without saving it. The original, unsaved file will still be intact, although without your last changes saved.

Note: Before a recovery can take place, the recovery system requires that the original files you had open previously must still exist, and be unchanged since Source Insight opened or saved them. If you need to perform a recovery, you should do it right away, before any of the original files are modified.