Navigation Using Source Links

Source Links connect two locations in two different text files. They connect a line of text in a “link source” file to a location in a “link target” file. Links are associated with individual lines. Source Links are part of the current workspace.

Links are traversed by using the Jump To Link command, which takes you to the other end of the source link at the current line. A link can be traversed as long as the link source file is open. If the link target file is not open, the Jump To Link command will open the file automatically.


Figure 4.15 The Search Results window, and a source file window that shows the source link destination.

Source Links are bi-directional, so you can use the Jump To Link command to go from the link source to the target, or from the target back to the source.

In addition, the link information is maintained as you edit your files, just as bookmarks are. A link is only removed if you delete its link source line, or close the link source file.

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