Saving Configurations

You can customize many aspects of Source Insight, such as the color of the screen and the assignments of keystrokes to commands. This collection of options is called a configuration. Configurations usually contain information that rarely changes. You usually set up your configuration once when you install Source Insight, and perhaps occasionally you may modify it to suit your needs or changing tastes.

A configuration contains most of the options specified on the Options menu, and the Preferences dialog box, which include the following things:

Display Options

Language Options

Syntax Formatting Styles

Syntax Decorations

Key Assignments

Menu Assignments


Custom Commands

Document Types and Options

Page Setup

File Options

General Options

Symbol Lookup Options

Typing Options

The configuration in effect while Source Insight is running is called the current configuration. When you make customization changes, or load new configurations, the configuration file on disk is updated too.

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