Saving and Restoring Workspaces

A workspace contains session state that changes from session to session. During an editing session, you may have several files open. Each file has text selected in it. Each file may have bookmarks that you set. This information is part of a workspace. A workspace contains the following things:

The names of the files you have open

Selections in each file

Bookmarks you may have set

Selection history (where you have been in each file)

The size and position of each source file window

Search and replace strings

Source links

Dialog box typing history

The command recording (see “Start Recording”.)

When you exit Source Insight, the current workspace is saved in a workspace file. When Source Insight starts, it restores the previous session’s workspace.

If a project is not open, then the name of the current workspace file is Global.wk3. If a project is open, the name of the current workspace file is either <projectname>.WK3 or Global.wk3 depending on the settings in the Project Settings dialog.

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