The Big Picture

The Problem

You have a multitude of source files spread out all over the place. You have to deal with functions that somebody else wrote. You have to figure out how some piece of code works and see all of its clients. You didn’t write the code, or you wrote it in a past life.

You may be one of the cleverest developers in the world, but if you can’t find all the myriad pieces of your program, or can’t get your head wrapped around the code, then you will not be very productive.

Enter Source Insight.


The Solution

Source Insight was designed to enhance your ability to understand and modify your program. Our company mission is to increase programming team productivity by clarifying source code, presenting information in a useful way, and allowing programmers to modify software in large, complex projects.

Think of your program’s source code as a free form database of information. It has not only classes, members, and functions in it, but it has many important comments. (You do have comments, don’t you?)

Your source code also has a history. In fact, many large programs have a long lifetime that includes contributions by many programmers over many years. Some of it is not pretty, but you have to live with it.

Source Insight acts as an information server that surrounds your project’s source code. With it, you can have instant access to symbolic and textual information in your program.

Whether you are new to a project, or an old-timer, Source Insight will give you useful leverage to stay productive.