Speeding Up Building and Synchronizing Projects

A very large project will take a while to build or rebuild. To speed it up, you can try the following:

In Project Settings, turn off Quick browsing for symbol syllables. This index option uses a lot of memory and slows the indexing process.

In Project Settings, turn off Quick browsing for member names. This index option can use a lot of memory also.

Reduce the number of document types (i.e. file types) that are added to your projects. By default, Source Insight comes with many document types defined, such as Visual Basic files, and ASP files. If you have files like that in your source tree, but you have no need to work on them, then remove them from your project. You can permanently exclude those document types from your projects by running Document Options and un-checking the check box Include when adding to projects – for each type of document you want to exclude from your projects.

Break your project into smaller projects. If you want to still use the Jump To Definition command between the projects, you can add the “sub-projects” to the project symbol path, which is defined in the Preferences: Symbol Lookups dialog box.