Speeding Up Typing in Browse Dialog Boxes

Typing and filtering symbol lists can become slow if you have a large project, and you have the Project Settings: Quick browsing for symbol syllables turned on. Source Insight is trying to perform syllable matching on a large syllable index.

You can address this two different ways. Either you can turn off syllable indexing in the Project Settings dialog box, or you can change the behavior of the list filtering with the Preferences: Typing dialog box.

The Project Settings options control what is stored and indexed in the symbol database.

The Preferences: Typing options control how the information is used in the lists. You do need the syllable information in the database to use the symbol syllable matching features of the lists. (But, not for file name lists.)

If memory permits, leave Project Settings: Quick browsing for symbol syllables enabled, and turn off Preferences: Typing: Match syllables while typing. Even with syllable matching while typing disabled, you can still use it by prefixing what you type with a space. That is, prefixing what you type with a space toggles the syllable matching on and off.

If you encounter a lot of disk thrashing while trying to match any syllables in lists, then your project may be just too big for the available memory.

In Preferences: Typing, turning off both “Match syllables” and “Match members” will speed it up more and return list filtering to version 2.1 functionality.