Using Syllable Shortcuts

You can use these shortcuts when typing into a symbol name field to specify strict prefix matching, or member name matching:

Prefix the spec with a single space or the caret (^) character to match strictly prefixes only. For example, “^Format” and “<space>Format” will match only symbols that start with “format”. (Case insensitively.) It will not match “LineFormat”. The prefix actually toggles syllable matching on and off. If you

Prefix the spec with a dot (.) to match strictly prefixes of only leaf member names. For example, “.fdirty” will match only struct or class members that start with “fdirty”. This also works with nested class members. For example, “.draw” will match the method “Class1::Class2::Draw”.

Underscores, which are common in program identifier names, are ignored. For example, “_insert”, and “insert” would also appear in the list together.