Using Syllable Matching

Many of the text boxes where you can type a symbol or file name allow you to type a series of syllables. The list box associated with the text box will be filtered down based on what you type.

When you type, begin with the starting two or more characters of a syllable, and follow that with another syllable. For example, “CreWin”. You can separate syllables with a space also. For example, “Cre Win”. For the most part, you can type the syllables in any order.

The syllable filtering is not case sensitive. However, once the filtered list is displayed, Source Insight will try to select the item in the list that most closely matches what you typed, including the case.

For example, the following specifications are equivalent:

Cre Win
cre win
Win Cre
win cre

Source Insight will filter the list contents down and sort the results, with best matches near the top. Symbols that match exactly what you typed, starting with the first character of the symbol, are displayed near the top of the list.

For example, if you have two symbols: "TopBottom" and "TopAndBottom", and you type "TopBot", then the "TopBottom" symbol will appear first, even though both symbol names match the specification.