Where Should You Create A Project?

When you select a file in the New Project file dialog box, you are telling Source Insight where to store the project data files. This can be the same directory where your source files are, or you can pick a totally separate location.

If you are creating a project for source files that are stored locally on your machine, there should not be any problem creating the project files in the same directory as your source files.

If you are creating a project that refers to files on a shared server, or any other place that you do not have permission to write to, then you should create the project somewhere on your local machine. You can use the Project Settings dialog box later to point the project source directory to the location of the source files.

The directory where you create the project will be the project’s default root, or “home” directory. In the Project Settings dialog box, you can specify a different path for the project source directory. The project source directory typically is the path of the topmost directory containing your source files. When Source Insight displays file names, the files are displayed relative to project source directory. If you point the project source directory to the directory containing most of your source files, then you will not have to look at a lot of redundant path information.

In addition, the “Add new files automatically” feature (in Preferences: General) only will add new files automatically to your project if the files are in the project source directory or a descendent of this directory.

See also “Synchronize Files”, and “Project Settings”.