Synchronize Files

The Synchronize Files command synchronizes the current project with all the source files in the project. The command scans each file in the project and updates the symbol database for each file that has been modified since Source Insight parsed the file last. In addition, files that were part of the project that don’t exist anymore are removed from the project.

As an alternative, you can have the synchronization happen in the background, while you edit, by turning on the Background project synchronization option in the Preferences: General dialog box.

Add new files automatically

Before synchronizing all the files, Source Insight will add new files in the project’s source directory and in all subdirectories, recursively. However, only directories that already have project files in them are scanned. Directories that are not descendents of the project source directory are not scanned. This feature allows you to add new files to your project directories, and then run the Synchronize Files to add those new files to your Source Insight project automatically.

Force all files to be re-parsed

If checked, then Source Insight will ignore file time-stamps and consider all files in the project to be out of date. It will update the symbol database for all files. This provides an easy and relatively quick way to completely rebuild Source Insight’s project data files.

If not checked, then only those files in the project that are considered out of date are updated.

Synchronize the current source file only

Only the currently active source file is synchronized with the symbol database. This has the effect of replacing all symbol database information known for the current source file.

Suppress warning messages

Source Insight will not inform you of problems, such as not being able to open or read a file.