Syntax Formatting and Styles

Syntax Formatting is an important Source Insight feature that renders information in a dense, yet pleasing and useful way.

Syntax Formatting uses rich text formatting based on program information. Source Insight uses information gathered from its parsers to format source code. Identifiers can be displayed in different fonts or font sizes, along with a variety of effects such as bold and italics.

For example, in the image below, it’s easy to tell the difference between class members and local variables, because class members are styled in italics.



Formatting is applied with "styles". A style is a set of formatting properties. For example, a style may specify bold + italic. You can edit each style's formatting properties with the Options > Style Properties command. See: Style Properties.



Formatting styles are applied to source code elements automatically, based on parsing information. There are many predefined styles that correspond to syntax elements. For example, there is a style for a function definition, and another style for class definition. You can also add your own styles that you can explicitly associate with keywords or identifiers.