Outline and Graph Views

The Relation Window has two types of views: Outline view and Graph view. The Graph view shows symbols as graph nodes with lines connecting them. The Relation Graph Options command (available on the Relation Window right-click menu) gives you control over the appearance of the graph view.

Outline View

The Relation Window outline view is a compact, textual view of the relation hierarchy. You can click to expand and collapse levels in the outline.




Graph View

The Relation Window graph view is a visual representation of the same relationship as the outline view. You can expand and collapse nodes in the graph. You can select either a horizontal graph layout, or a vertical graph layout. You can also print the graph, or copy the graph images to the system clipboard so you can pro­cess it in another imaging program.




To expand or collapse a node, hover the mouse cursor first over the right or left edge of the node in a horizon­tal graph (or the top or bottom middle of a node in a vertical graph). The mouse cursor will contain a + or - symbol. Click to expand or collapse.




You can choose Graph View options by right-clicking on the Relation Window and selecting Relation Window Graph Options. See: Relation Window Graph Options.

Relation Window Right-Click Menu