Relation Window Graph Options

Displays the graphing properties of the Relation Window. The graphing properties apply when the Relation Window is in a graph mode, not the outline mode.



Back Color

Click this to select a background color for the graph window.

Graph Layout

Selects the layout mode for the graph. You can choose either top to bottom, or left to right.


Type a percentage that represents the scale factor of the inter-node graph spacing. A large percentage value will make the nodes spread out more.

Node Options

Node options control the appearance of node elements in the graph.


Selects the shape of nodes.


Selects the font used inside of each node.

Border, Text, Back Color

Selects the colors used for the node borders, text, and background fill.

Drop Shadow

Enable this to put a drop shadow on each node.


Uses a gradient shading effect to draw the graph nodes.

Connection Line Options

Connection Line options control the way the lines that connect nodes appear.


Selects the style of lines that connect nodes.

Line Color

Selects the color used for connection lines.

Thick Line

Enable this to make connection lines thicker.


Enable this to put arrowheads on the connection lines. If the Spacing percentage is small, the arrowheads are omitted due to the lack of inter-node space.

Unique backward line color

Enable this to have reverse flowing lines drawn in a separate color. Use the Backward Line Color button to select the color.

Backward Line Color

Selects the color used for reverse flowing lines.