Customizing the Keyboard and Menus

A command is a user-level operation that Source Insight performs when you select a menu item or type a keystroke. For example, the Open command opens a file; the Save command saves a file. Each command has a name, and an action.

Commands are resources that can be assigned to menus, keystrokes, and mouse clicks, and those assign­ments are part of a configuration.

Source Insight also lets you define custom commands, which are useful for launching the compiler and other external tools from Source Insight.

See: Custom Commands.

Assign keys to a command with Options > Key Assignments.

Keystrokes and mouse clicks are assigned to commands. For example, the Ctrl+O keystroke is assigned to the Open command. More than one keystroke may be assigned to a given command. Use the Options > Key Assignments command to customize the keyboard. See: Key Assignments.

Assign commands to menus with Options > Menu Assignments.

Commands are assigned to menus. For example, the Open command is assigned to the File menu. Use the Options > Menu Assignments command to customize the contents of the menus. See: Menu Assignments .