Custom Commands

A command is a user-level operation that Source Insight performs when you select a menu item or type a keystroke.

In addition to the commands that are built into Source Insight, you can define custom commands. Custom commands are similar to shell batch files. They execute external command-line programs and Windows GUI programs. Source Insight allows custom commands to execute in the background. The output of custom commands can be captured into a file for editing, or can be pasted into the current selection.

To define or edit custom commands, select Tools > Custom Commands. Once defined, a custom command is like any other command. It can be assigned to a menu or a keystroke can be assigned to it. Custom com­mands are saved in the current configuration.

Custom commands are useful for launching a compilation. By having a custom command that runs the com­piler or make program, you can capture the compiler error messages and have the errors parsed and have source links pointing to the erroneous source code automatically.

You can also implement a variety of text filters using custom commands. For example, you could define a Sort custom command that runs a sort filter and pastes the output back over the current selection.

See also: Custom Commands, Key Assignments, and Menu Assignments .