Custom Languages

You can also add your own custom language support to Source Insight using the Options > Preferences: Lan­guages dialog box. A custom language is a simple generic language that specifies syntax rules, syntax format­ting keywords, and simple parsing expressions. See: Language Options.

Custom languages can also be exported and imported.

To Add a Custom Language

Adding support for a new language is basically a two-step process:

1.Add the language, using Options > Preferences: Languages. See Language Options.

2.Add the File Type that refers to the language, by using Options > File Type Options. See File Types.

The File Types dialog still allows you to add a custom parsing pattern directly into the file type properties, in lieu of adding a new language. However, you have more control by adding a new custom language and using your file type to point to the new language.

The Language Options topic in the Command Reference contains more details on custom language proper­ties. See: Language Options.