File Types

A file type is a file classification that is defined with the File Type Options command. There are file types for "C/C++ Source Files", "Java Source Files", and so on. Source Insight uses each file's name to determine its file type. For example a file matching the *.c wildcard is a "C/C++ Source File". The file type defines parsing, dis­play, and editing options.



Figure 3.4  The file name determines the file type. The file type determines the font, the language type used to parse the file and display it with syntax formatting, and other editing options.

The File Type Options command defines new file types or changes the built-in types. See: File Type Options.

Language Types

Source Insight uses a language abstraction to encapsulate the properties of various programming languages. Each file type specifies a language type in the Parsing section. Therefore the file type and language type are separate, but connected. For example, there is a file type named "C/C++ Source File", which uses the "C/C++ Language" for parsing.