Snippet Window

The Snippet Window lists all code snippets. From this window, you can create, edit, delete, and insert code snippets. See: Code Snippets.




To insert a snippet into the current file, type the name of the snippet and press Enter. You can activate the Snippet Window first by using the Activate Snippet Window command (Ctrl+Alt+S).

New Snippet (Ctrl+N)

Creates a new snippet. The Snippet Properties window will open so you can edit the new snippet.

Delete Snippet (Ctrl+X)

Delete the selected snippets.

Edit Snippet Text in Editor

Opens the selected snippet in a source file window so that you can edit it. To save it back into the Snippet Window, use File > Save. To stop editing the snippet, use File > Close.

Edit Snippet (Ctrl+E)

Opens the Snippet Properties window so that you can edit the snippet. See: Snippet Properties.

Load Snippets (Ctrl+O)

Imports snippets from a snippet file. The snippets are merged with the current list. If a loaded snippet matches the name of an existing snippet, the existing snippet is replaced with the loaded version.

Save Snippets (Ctrl+S)

Saves the selected snippets to a new snippet file.

Snippet Window Options (Ctrl+Q)

Edits the options for the Snippet Window, and also for snippets in general. See: Snippet Window Options.