Snippet Properties

This window is used to edit the contents of a code snippet located in the Snippet Window. See: Code Snippets.





The name of the snippet. This is the name that will appear in the auto-completion list as you type.


This should contain a short description of the snippet. If you leave this blank, Source Insight will use a por­tion of the snippet’s body text as the description.

Storage Location

This determines whether the snippet belongs to the current project, or is common to all projects (Global). Note that changing this setting will cause the snippet to be saved to the new location, and removed from the old location.

Include in auto-completion list as you type

Select this to include this particular snippet in the auto-completion list as you type in the editor.

Enable text variables when inserting

Select this to enable text variables to be automatically replaced with their values when you insert this partic­ular snippet.

Insert onto a new line

Select this to cause the snippet to be inserted onto a new line, instead of in-line. This is appropriate for many statement snippets, such as "while" or "for". The current auto-indenting mode will apply when inserting onto a new line.

Language Context

Specifies from what programming language files this snippet should be available. For example, you can have a snippet that is only applicable in Java. The auto-completion list will only include snippets that are applica­ble to the language type of the current file.

Body Text

This is the contents of the snippet. This is a mini-editor window where you can type and edit the snippet text. The snippet is inserted just as you enter it here.

You can use text variables within the snippet body. The Insert Text Variable list contains all the predefined text variables you can enter.

You can also simply type any text variable in, including any variable you want to use as a placeholder when inserting the snippet.

Insert Text Variable

This is a list of all the predefined text variables. Select an item from this list to insert the text variable into the body text of the snippet.