Save Configuration

The Save Configuration command saves your current program customizations and settings to a new configu­ration file. You can save the entire current configuration to a file, or just a subset of it. See: Customized Settings and Configurations.

When a configuration file is loaded that contains a configuration subset, it only affects the settings it con­tains. For example, you could save only keyboard settings to a configuration file and name it "MyKeyboard". When "MyKeyboard" is loaded, it will only affect the keyboard.



Configuration Sections

Check the sections of the configuration you want to save. Click the All button to check all the sections.


Displays the standard Save dialog box. You can select the configuration file you want to save to with this dia­log box.

Having Multiple Configurations

You can keep several favorite configurations. After setting up the current configuration the way you like it in Source Insight, use the Save Configuration command to save each configuration to a different file. When you want to change configurations, use the Load Configuration command and specify the name of the configura­tion file you want to open. When the configuration file is opened, it replaces the current configuration.

Once you load a configuration file, it will be automatically saved to the current configuration file. By default, that file is config_all.xml in your Source Insight\Settings user directory. Make sure you make a backup of con­fig_all.xml if you want to keep it!

See: Load Configuration.