Directory Compare

This opens the Directory Compare window, which is used to compare the files in two directories. The Direc­tory Compare windows shows two lists of files side by side - the left and right directory contents.

The File Compare window can be used to compare two versions of a file. See: File Compare.





1.Compare Selected File - opens the File Compare window to show differences between the selected files.

2.Refresh / Rescan Directory and compare again.

3.Go to Previous / Next file that differs.

4.Copy File From Left-to-Right and Right-to-Left directories.

5.Delete the Left / Right file.

6.Open the Directory Compare Options. See: Directory Compare Options.

To compare directories:

1.Type the path of the left directory above the left list, or click the ... button to browse.

2.Type the path of the right directory above the right list, or click the ... button to browse.

3.Press Enter or click the Go button.

4.Source Insight will scan the files in both directories and show the results below in a side by side list­ing.

The Status column in the center of the list indicates if the left-hand file is the same, different, newer, or older than the right-hand file.

You can control how the files are compared by clicking the properties button. See: Directory Compare Options.

To compare a file within a directory:

1.Using the Directory Compare window, navigate to the directories that contain the file versions.

2.Double-click on a file in the directory listing. The File Compare window will open to show the two versions of the file side by side. See: File Compare.