Directory Compare Options

This sets the way that the Directory Compare window looks and how it compares files.



Show Columns

Check mark the columns you want to see in the file listing.

Comparison Method

These options determine how each file in the directories is compared.

Only compare file modification dates

Only the modification dates are compared. The contents of the files, and the file size as reported by the oper­ation system are not compared.

Only compare file sizes and modification dates

Both the modification dates and the file sizes are compared. The contents of the files are not compared.

Compare file contents

The file system date stamps are ignored, and the file contents are scanned for differences. Use this when you don't trust the time stamps in the file system. However, this method is the slowest.

When Comparing File Contents

These options control how the contents of the files are compared.

Ignore differences in white space

Only non-white space characters in the files are compared. White spaces are ignored.

Ignore differences in end-of-line characters

Differences in the end-of-line characters are ignored. This is useful if you are comparing files between Unix, Windows, or Mac environments where the end-of-line characters are different.

Other Options

Show only known file types

Check this box to limit the files to the file types defined using the File Type Options command. The file types are usually all some kind of text file, so this open prevents Source Insight from attempting to compare any binary file.

Confirm before copying or deleting files

Check this box to have Source Insight prompt you with a confirmation before you copy or delete a file in the Directory Compare window.

Font & Color...

Click this to customize the font and background color of the window.