Commands Overview

A command is a user-level operation that Source Insight performs when you select a menu item or type a key­stroke. For example, the Open command opens a file; the Save command saves a file. Each command has a name, and an action.

Commands are resources that can be assigned to menus, keystrokes, and mouse clicks, and those assign­ments are part of a configuration.

Keystrokes and mouse clicks are assigned to commands. For example, the Ctrl+O keystroke is assigned to the Open command. More than one keystroke may be assigned to a given command. Use the Key Assignments command to customize the keyboard.

Commands are assigned to menus. For example, the Open command is assigned to the File menu. Use the Menu Assignments command to customize the contents of the menus.

Source Insight also allows you to define custom commands, which are useful for launching the compiler and other external tools from Source Insight. See: Custom Commands.