Clip Window

This shows or hides the Clip Window. The Clip Window displays a list of clipboard-like clips of text that you can insert.



A clip is a piece of text that you might want to insert easily into your code. For example, a standard function heading comment.

New Clip (Ctrl+N)

Creates a new clip in the Clip window.

Delete Clip (Ctrl+X)

Deletes the selected clip from the Clip Window

Edit Clip (Ctrl+E)

Allows you to edit the clip in a source window. When you close the source window the clip contents will be saved.

Cut To Clip (Ctrl+Shift+X)

Deletes the current selection from the current source window and puts it into a new clip.

Copy To Clip (Ctrl+Shift+Del)

Copies the current selection in the current source window and puts it into a new clip.

Paste From Clip

Pastes the selected clip contents into the current file.

Clip Window Options

Controls the settings of the Clip Window.

Using Clips

To create a clip:

1.Select the text you want to make into a clip.

2.Use the Edit > Copy To Clip command. The Clip Window will appear.

3.Type the name of the new clip and press Enter. The new clip will appear in the Clip Window.

To paste a clip:

1.Select where you want the clip inserted in your file.

2.Use the Edit > Paste From Clip command. The Clip Window will appear. If the Clip Window is already visible, just double click on the desired clip and it will be inserted.

3.Type the name of the clip, or just double click on it in the Clip Window

You can set Clip Window options using the Clip Window Properties command, or clicking the properties but­ton in the Clip Window toolbar. See: Clip Window Options.