Bookmark Window

The Bookmark Window command shows and hides the Bookmark Window panel. The Bookmark Panel is a floating, dock-able window that shows the current list of bookmarks.

See: Bookmarks.



Text Field

Type the partial name of a bookmark, or a line number here. Source Insight checks to see if the mark you typed matches an existing bookmark name. If it does, then pressing Enter will position you to that mark. If the bookmark you've just typed does not exist, then pressing Enter will create a new bookmark.

Marks list

Displays a list of all the bookmarks currently set. Each item in the list shows the bookmark's name, the file it's in, and the line number it's on, and the function that contains the bookmark, if any.

Right-click the mouse on the list to see the bookmark menu.

Add (Ctrl+N)

Click this button to create a new bookmark. The mark's name is taken from the Name text box. If the book­mark name is already in the list (i.e. it already exists), then its position will be redefined to the current cursor position.

Delete (Ctrl-X)

Click this button to delete the selected marks. To delete all bookmarks, right-click on the list and select "Delete All Bookmarks".

Go To (press Enter)

Click this button to jump to the mark that is selected in the Marks list.

Load Bookmarks (Ctrl-O)

Click this to import bookmarks from another bookmark file.

Save Bookmarks (Ctrl-S)

Click this to save the selected bookmarks to a new bookmark file.

Bookmark Options... (Ctrl-Q)

Click this button to edit the bookmarking options. See: Bookmark Options