Files Created for Each User

Each user logged into Windows gets their own personal data folder, known as “My Documents”. Source Insight creates a “Source Insight” folder under the “My Documents” folder to contain user-specific data.

The user data directory contains the user-specific global configuration file (the user preferences global.cf3 file) and the workspace file for the "no project open" mode, and project data.

The following folders are created in the current user’s Source Insight folder:

File or Folder



Folder containing backup versions of files that are saved with Source Insight.


Folder containing clips files, which are listed in the Clip Window. You can also copy your own text files to this directory and they will be included automatically in the Clip Window.


Folder containing Source Insight projects created on your machine. Each project gets its own sub-folder inside this folder.


The Project List: contains a list of all projects created on your machine.


Folder containing project files for the “Base” project.


Folder containing project files for the “NetFramework” project, which contains symbol definitions for the .NET Framework classes used with C#.


Folder containing your configuration settings files.


Global Configuration: the configuration (user preferences) file used when no project is open, and when a project is open and the Project Settings command specifies “global configuration”.


C/C++ token macros.


Crash recovery file, which contains information needed to recover unsaved changes after an abnormal termination. These files only exist if a earlier session crashed.


Global Workspace: the session state used when no project is open.