Project Index Settings

The Project Settings dialog box contains options for indexing your project. If you enable all the indexing options, and your project is large, you may hurt performance.

The symptoms of too large an index are:

Disk thrashing while building or rebuilding a large project, with little progress is being made. It is normal for a very large project to require a significant amount of disk access near the end of the rebuilding phase.

Opening or closing a project takes a long time.

Synchronizing individual files is slow.

The Browse Project Symbols dialog box (F7) is slow to come up, accompanied by a lot of disk activity. It is normal for this to pause a second or two the first time you use it.

Over 1 or 2 million index entries on a 128 megabyte system.

If you have a large project (over 200,000 symbols) you should try turning off the symbol syllable indexing. You can find out how large the database is by selecting Project: Rebuild Project and looking at the statistics on the bottom of the dialog box. Just cancel this dialog box when you are done. If the number of index entries is over 1 million, then things can start to slow down. Adding more memory to your machine will improve performance.

To remove the syllable indexing, run the Project > Project Settings command and turn off Quick browsing for symbol syllables. Then use the Rebuild Project command to recreate your project from scratch.