Symbol Indexes for Projects

Source Insight indexes all the symbols in the symbol database. Each symbol may appear in the indexes more than once. That is because there are three indexes that Source Insight maintains:

Full Name Index. . This indexes the full name of a symbol. The full name includes the symbol's parents. For example: “Class1.Member1”. This type of index is always maintained and is used by Source Insight to navigate to symbol definitions.

Member Name Index. . This indexes only the structure and class member names of symbols. For example, a member function named “Help” inside of a class named “Document” would have a full name of “Document.Help”, but the member name index will contain “Help”. This index allows you to get to the member quickly, without specifying the class or structure it belongs to.

Syllable Index. . This indexes the syllables in a symbol's name. This index allows you to find symbols when you only know one or more parts of its name.