Preprocessor Token Macros

Source Insight contains its own preprocessor, which is used when parsing files. The preprocessor macros are called Token Macros. They are token substitutions that occur as Source Insight parses a file. They allow Source Insight to handle any special language keywords not known to Source Insight’s parsers, and to handle special C/C++ preprocessor substitutions that would otherwise confuse it.

Source Insight does not expand C/C++ preprocessor macros when it parses your files. Because of this, certain preprocessor macros and constants can fool Source Insight. Therefore, token macros are used to let Source Insight selectively expand some preprocessor substitutions.

One case in point is the set of standard COM (or ActiveX) macros that are used to declare symbols. For example, the STDMETHOD(methodname) macro is used to declare a COM method function. Source Insight ships with a default C/C++ token macro file (c.tom) that has entries for this macro, and many others.

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