Using Common Projects: The Project Symbol Path

You might have a set of headers files from a library that you often use with multiple projects. You could add these files to each of your projects, but that would be redundant. A better solution is to create a single project for each set of common header files. These projects can be put onto a “path” and Source Insight will search the path whenever it looks up a symbol and can’t find it in your project. This path is called the project symbol path.

When Source Insight looks up a symbol, it searches the currently open files, the project symbol database, and the projects in the project symbol path.

You can edit the project symbol path using the Preferences: Symbol Lookups command. See also “Symbol Lookup Options”.

The project symbol path is a delimited list of projects that Source Insight will search through when looking up a symbol. The project symbol path is located in the Preferences: Symbol Lookups dialog box. The project symbol path enables you to create smaller, self-contained projects, but still have the ability to locate symbols in other projects. The Base project (See also “The Base Project”.) is the final place Source Insight looks to find symbols; it is implicitly at the end of the project symbol path.

The project symbol path is only used to locate symbol definitions. It is not used to locate symbol references, or used by Search Files, or Smart Rename. Those operations only work on the files in the current project.