Adding Remote Files to a Project

For whatever reason, you may want to access your source files directly from the project server, not from local copies of the file. Of course, you are free to open any file on the network directly. However, keep in mind that you may be locking other people out of the file by having it open, or otherwise causing contention over the file. In addition, you wont get the benefit of Source Insight’s project features unless the remote file is added to your project.

One way to have a project that refers directly to files on the server is to create a project locally on your workstation and add the files from the remote server to your project using the Add and Remove Project Files command. This way, the Source Insight symbol database files are stored locally on your machine, but the source files are still just on the server. See also “Add and Remove Project Files”.

Using the Project Settings command, you should specify the remote source code directory, on the server, as the project source directory. That way, files will be displayed relative to the main source directory, not relative to your local project data file directory. See also “Project Settings”.