Project Features

Source Insight projects have several important features:

A project logically groups related files.

When you specify a file to be opened, you don’t have to tell Source Insight the file’s drive or directory. Source Insight figures out where all the project files are, even if they are in different directories or drives. See also “Command Line Syntax”.

Source Insight maintains a symbol database, which contains data about all symbols declarations in the project. You can use Source Insight to locate symbols very quickly. When source files are saved, the symbol database is automatically updated incrementally so that Source Insight always “knows” where a symbol is. When files are changed external, by a source control system for example, Source Insight will automatically synchronize those files with the project symbol database.

Source Insight can show symbol relationships in the project, such as call trees, reference trees, and class hierarchies.

Source Insight maintains a reference index, which greatly speeds up project-wide searches for symbol references. The reference index is updated incrementally as you edit and save your files.

Each project has its own session workspace. When a project is opened, all the session state is restored. When a project is closed, all open files are closed and the workspace is saved.

Each project can have its own configuration file. This means that each project can have its own set of menus, keyboard assignments, and screen colors.