Java Language Editing

To use symbolic auto-completion with the standard Java packages, you need to have the package source code on your machine (or available through a networked drive). You also need to have a JavaStandard common project to refer to the source.

To create a JavaStandard Common Project

1. In the Options > Preferences: Symbol Lookups dialog box, click the Create Common Projects button.

2. In the Common Projects dialog box, click on the Standard Java Libraries check box, then click the Browse button next to it. Navigate to the directory that contains the source code, usually in one of the JDK Java/Src subdirectories. Select the directory, click OK.

3. Then click Continue in the Common Projects dialog box. At this point a Save As dialog box will appear to let you pick the name and location of the JavaStandard project. It should go in the same directory as your JDK or one of its subdirectories. Click Save.

4. Next, the Project Settings dialog appears, just click OK.

5. Next, the Add and Remove Project Files dialog appears. Click Add Tree and let it add all the relevant files to the JavaStandard project. Then click Close. You should be back to your old project.

Now, auto-complete should work for the packages that have been imported into the file.