Symbol Naming

In Source Insight, symbol names are stored as a “dotted path.” The dotted path contains the symbol’s container name, followed by a dot (.) and the symbol’s name. For example, a member of a class make look like:


All symbols that have their declarations nested inside of another symbol will have a dotted path. If you look through the symbols listed in the Project Window, you will see the dotted paths. Even in languages like C++, where the scope resolution operator (::) is used to declare members, the symbol name is stored internally as a dotted path.

When typing the full name of a symbol, you should use the dot in the symbol name if you want to also specify its container.

Note: It is possible for a symbol to have an embedded dot (.) character in its name. Source Insight will store the symbol name so that the embedded dot is not confused with the dotted path dot character.