File List View

File List View shows all files in the current project, in a flattened list. You can also type wildcards and change working directories directly by typing into the text box.

Using syllable matching, you can type part of a file name to locate a file, without bothering with the directory name.

If you type a wildcard specification and press Enter, then the file list will be filtered down to match that specification. For example, if you type *.c and press Enter, you will see all *.c files in your project, regardless of directory. To remove the wildcard, press * (asterisk) and press Enter.

Browsing Non-Project Files

If you want to browse your disk and see files that are not necessarily part of your project, type dot (.) and press Enter. The current working directory contents will fill the list. To return to the “project-only” view of the files, type ** (two asterisks) and press Enter. Alternatively, you can switch to the File Directory View of the Project Window.