Save Configuration

The Save Configuration command saves the current configuration to a configuration file that you specify. You can save the entire current configuration to a file, or just a specified subset of it.

When a configuration file is loaded that contains a configuration subset, it only affects the settings it contains. For example, you could save only keyboard settings to a configuration file and name it “MyKeyboard”. When “MyKeyboard” is loaded, it will only affect the keyboard.

All Configuration Settings

If enabled, then all parts of the configuration are saved. Disable this to save only individual parts that are defined in the Individual Settings group below.

Individual Settings

Turning off the All Configuration Settings check box allows you to select the parts of the configuration you want to save. For example, this would allow you to save only the display settings, such as screen colors and screen size, while leaving other parts of the configuration unspecified.

This grouping contains a check box for each configuration part. Check the items you want to save here.


Displays the standard Save dialog box. You can select the configuration file you want to save to with this dialog box.

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