The Renumber command reorders numbers found in the current file, or just the current selection. If the selection is extended when the Renumber command is used, then only the selection is processed. If the current selection is an insertion point, then the whole file is processed. Renumber also works on a column selection.


Select a radio button in this group to specify the radix of the numbers generated by the Renumber command.


Use the radix of the original number, as determined by Source Insight.


Use base 10.


Use base 16.


Use base 8.


Specifies what action is to be performed on numbers found in the file. You can add values into the Start at and Offset text boxes in base 10, 8, or 16.


Replace numbers in ascending order, beginning with the value of the first number found.

Start at

Replace numbers in ascending order, beginning with this value.


Replace numbers with the same number, plus this value.

Radix Determination

Source Insight determines the radix of a number as follows.

If the number begins with 0x then it is assumed hexadecimal.

If the number begins with zero and a digit, it is assumed octal.

Otherwise, the number is assumed decimal.